The Cadillac Casting facility is located in northern Michigan’s manufacturing hot bed, the community of Cadillac. Our 274,400 square-foot plant, situated on 43 acres near the city’s north end, provides easy transportation access via US-131 and M-115. Our philosophy at this location has always been to promote capital investment in equipment, process upgrades, and technological advancements that add value. We have continued to modernize and automate our facility in the years since our expansion in the 1990’s to ensure our competitive position in the marketplace.

Our melt unit is comprised of an 84” water walled cupola with the capacity to melt approximately 180,000 tons per year. At this rate, our casting production capacity exceeds 80,000 net tons per year.

Our primary molding equipment is a horizontally parted SpoMatic green sand line which is capable of producing a wide variety of complex, high-volume castings. This line features automated pouring and “Best In Class” in-mold cooling which results in a more consistent metallurgical structure and improved casting machinability.

Our second molding unit features a resin bonded sand mold system that offers additional casting flexibility. This system is capable of producing various custom mold sizes and configurations for those casting applications that possess complex features and special handling requirements.

Our expertise also includes core making with our wide selection of specially designed core blowing machines. These allow us to support a full range of core shapes and sizes and provide us with ample capacity to fully support both molding lines.

Our casting processing and finishing area incorporates industry leading innovation by combining our modern trim presses with a mix of robotics and other automation. Our finishing area also contains a full complement of shot blast, grinding, and cut-off cell equipment as well as magnetic particle inspection cells and production x-ray units.

In the areas of quality assurance and technical facilities, we have a sand lab staffed with AFS-certified technicians and equipped with a full complement of sand testing equipment for our green sand molding and core making operations. We have a world class metallurgical services laboratory with degreed metallurgists on staff, where real-time chemistry and nodularity testing is performed. Also on site is our physical property testing equipment for certifying physical properties. We also support product specifications through ongoing CMM testing of daily runs, and through regularly scheduled CMM inspections on our production tooling.

Our engineering staff manages the design of tooling to meet product specifications. Our manufacturing engineers are also process experts, responsible for process enhancements to ensure seamless product launches and continuous improvements of product quality. We have an impeccable product launch track record upon which we stake our reputation and our future. Our pattern shop is fully staffed with competent pattern makers and machinists, where we perform tooling maintenance activities, and where we perform tooling modifications for minor design changes to the products.

At CCI, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped and ready for any of your ductile iron casting needs.