Innovation in technology begins with an idea, and we value the ideas of our employees at every level. An employee at CCI is, by character, energetic and inquisitive; a team player who is able to work in a fast-paced environment.

All of our employees undergo continuous learning to stay competitive in the areas of quality, productivity, and safety. We respect and welcome their input, as reflected by our employee turnover rate of 1.5%. We consider this a direct reflection of our unwavering standards to hire the best employees the casting industry has to offer.

Our management team is leading the foundry into the 21st Century. They take their production oversite responsibilities very seriously, aiming for the highest quality and productivity. From management down, we share a commitment to excellence, which shows up in the quality of our castings.

Safety is PRIORITY ONE in our facility. We value our people and they know it. This mutual respect is evident in everything we do.

Everyone at CCI believes in and lives by our Quality Policy, which states: “Cadillac Casting employees take individual pride and ownership in the quality of our products. We build partnerships with our customers and suppliers in order to provide “world class” castings that exceed our customer expectations for overall value and reliability. We strive for sound and continuous improvement methods with our People, Parts, and Processes. Cadillac Casting, Inc. remains committed to our employee and community stakeholders to provide a safe working environment, and to demonstrate local leadership and good corporate citizenship”.